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Our Approach

Our approach to design is very specific and fairly unique in the industry. We are firm believers in designing facilities that offer 90% to 100% of the desired features at 60% to 70% of the typical cost resulting from the design style of many traditional consultants. We pride ourselves on being able to achieve this style of design without sacrificing functionality or flow within the facility. The designs work … they just cost less.

  • We design with cost in mind.
  • We understand that money does not grow on trees. We love nothing more than to hear our clients rave about the value that they received by working with our firm. In fact, if you speak with our former clients, you are likely to hear just such a remark.
  • It also is our belief that each design project has its own, unique set of requirements. For this reason, we allow our clients to choose from a comprehensive menu of services and contract only for the assistance needed. This approach reduces the time required to develop our foodservice documents and maximizes the return on your invested dollars.
  • While we offer a standard package geared to meet the most common needs of our clients, we have the ability to tailor our services to the needs of the specific project.