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Kitchen Design FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our firm and kitchen design services. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact us and we will answer it in a timely manner.

How do you determine your fees?
We utilize a formula to determine our kitchen design fees. The formula considers both the size of the facility being designed, as well as the anticipated number of hours required to complete the project. We believe that this combination results in a fair fee for our clients, and for our firm. 
Another foodservice design firm offered me free kitchen design services if I purchased the equipment from them … Why don't you offer the same opportunity?
Our customers have realized a great deal of value and benefit from our efforts over the years. We offer a service and a level of expertise that requires compensation. As with many things … you get what you pay for. There is a difference between a foodservice design consultant and an equipment distributor with a CAD station. Be sure the design firm you hire is truly qualified to perform the task for which you are hiring them. Make sure they possess the creativity, competence, and credentials necessary for a successful result. 
What if I want to bid the project designed by General… I don't want to be in a position where I am forced to purchase the equipment from your firm.
We offer both kitchen design and design/build services. We can assist with a project from start to finish, or simply provide design only services. Our fees are structured in a way that provides our clients with ultimate flexibility. We charge a fee for our kitchen design services. Once the design phase is completed, you will have a complete set of documents that may be bid by other equipment purveyors. Should you select an equipment purveyor other than us, we will assume the role of a foodservice design consultant, offering construction administration services. Should you choose to purchase the equipment from us, a portion of your design fee will be refunded and applied to your final payment on the equipment contract. The end result … flexibility for our clients, and incentive for us to offer competitive pricing.
Do you have a preference for certain manufacturers?
Absolutely. Due to our volume of purchasing (we are one of the largest foodservice equipment and supplies providers in the United States), we have developed great relationships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. We utilize these relationships on behalf of our clients … it is one of our greatest competitive advantages. We leverage our buying power to save our customers money, help resolve problems, and accomplish tasks that might be against the manufacturers’ standard policies. Our clients have received tremendous benefits over the years due to our relationships.
What if I don't like the manufacturer you want to use … will you specify other manufacturers?
Absolutely. We represent and deal with virtually all of the major foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers. If there is a preference for a specific manufacturer, we will gladly specify or provide you with your brand of choice. It is important, however, to understand that our selections of brands are based on a variety of key factors. We demand value from the manufacturer, guarantying that our clients receive “bang for their buck.” In addition, we prefer to deal with suppliers that provide quality service, as well as reliability and responsiveness when problems arise. 
Being based in Florida … How do you handle work elsewhere?
We have designed and supplied projects throughout the country, and the world, for years. In today’s economy, performing work outside one geographical location is becoming easier, not harder. We have a network of installers, service agents, manufacturers representatives, fabricators, etc. that we can access anywhere in the world. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers, regardless of their geographic location.