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Knives 101

Knives 101

Here is a quick knives guide showing the different types of knives and their most common uses. Keep in mind that all of these knives are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your individual taste and comfort level.

Paring Knives
Used for peeling and paring fruits and vegetables, also for garnish work and small cutting jobs. Can be used as an all around kitchen utility knife. Serrated paring knives allow for a sharper, easier cut.

Boning Knives

Flexible – Excellent flexibility allows this boning knife to get in and around the bones of meat and poultry with ease. Extremely sharp blade easily removes flesh from bone.

Stiff – Used for boning meat and poultry, stiff blade, wide handle and large finger guard allows for excellent control when cutting. Easily removes flesh from bone.

Flexible Fillet Knife

Extremely flexible, wide blade allows for easy filleting of all fish. Wide blade design allows large separation area between flesh and bone.


Good all around kitchen utility knife, is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables, slicing cooked meats or doing prep work. Longer blades can be used for larger roasts, hams and turkey breasts.

Serrated Slicer

Used for slicing roast beef, ham and turkey breast, the even serrations easily slices uniform cuts for perfect presentation and portion control. Wide handle allows for complete control when slicing. A 12″ blade is the most popular size.

Chef’s Knife

Used for slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, peeling, garnish work and all around kitchen utility knife. A 10″ blade is for those who like a little heavier knife. A 12″ blade can also be used as a lobster split.

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