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How to Store China

Maximizing the Life Of Your China

The destruction of dinnerware in the food service operation is the result of breakage, metal marking, and/or glaze abrasion occurring during use. With proper china care and china storage solutions, you can get the most of your dinnerware purchase and years of service. Here is ONEIDA’S step-by-step guide to maximizing the life of your china

To maximize the life of the china, the following must be considered in the design and operation of the ware handling system:


The In-Use China Inventory
The Backup Inventory
The Layout of Food Preparation & Soiled Dish Area
The Storage System For China Holloware Items
The Grade Of Stainless Used For Countertops & Ware Storage
The Grade Of Stainless Or Silverplated Flatware

Contact us for more information on how to store china properly.